How much does a website cost?

The price of your project will depend on a number of factors:

  • The size of your project - i.e., number of pages.
  • The style of your project - a complex fully featured design, will take longer to build than a simple design.
  • How much of the website you want to be able to edit - editing just text, and static images will take less time to build than creating a full CMS functionality for galleries, video, and blog.
  • Additional scripts needed to run, for example, appointment schedulers, events, workshops, hotel reservations, holiday cottage bookings etc.


  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Slideshows & Galleries
  • Live Social Media feeds
  • Newsletter signups e.g Mailchimp (account required)
  • Standard SEO
  • Setup of SSL (padlock in browser)
  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy*
  • Social media Banners (optional) to provide consistency across all platforms
  • Digital email signatures (optional)
  • Training for CMS (if required)
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Domain Specific Emails
  • Images & Graphics (if required)

* Having a GDPR Privacy Policy that is personalised to your website, does not mean that you, or your business, are GDPR compliant. Any advice that I give is for recommendation only and you should always seek professional legal advice for your particular business You can find out more about GDPR from the ICO (the Information Commissioner's Office).

Which website package will you choose?

The website package that you choose will depend on how much you want to be involved in keeping the site up to date with new content.

Each package lists what is included, as well as the cost of the Managed Hosting Service.

The prices on this website are FOR GUIDANCE ONLY. Once we have discussed your brief, I would aim to give you a fixed cost for your project.

Starter Websites

Prices start from £599 for up to 5 pages (click on the Quick Website Estimator above).

No technical knowledge required.

There is no editing functionality with Starter sites however small ad-hoc changes are included in your hosting package at no extra cost.

If you want to make more regular changes (i.e. weekly), but don't want to upgrade to CMS, you can pay a little extra each month with your hosting. Whatever your requirements are, we can sort something out.

This package is most suited to those who prefer to stay away from computers! I am on hand to deal with any questions via email and telephone.

You can upgrade to Standard or Premium at any time.

Managed Hosting for Starter Websites - £15 per month/£180 per year

Standard Websites

Prices start from £799 for up to 5 pages (click on the Quick Website Estimator above).

Requires a reasonable level of confidence with a computer (for example being familiar with word processing packages).

Editable text, static/light-box images (not galleries) and slideshow images.

Training will be provided. You will also have a private admin area, with access to video tutorials, online video meetings and of course phone and email, should you need any extra support. There is no additional charge for this.

You can upgrade to Premium at any time.

Managed Hosting for Standard Websites - £18 per month/£216 per year

Premium Websites

Prices start from £999 for up to 5 pages (click on the Quick Website Estimator above).

Full CMS features to give you more control over your website content. Edit text, static images, slideshows, galleries, videos, blogs.

Requires competent computer skills.

Training will be provided, and you will have access to additional video tutorials and online video meetings with me, in addition to phone and email support, should you need extra help at any time.

This package is most suited to the those who are keen to invest time in making their website work for them. By making regular changes to the content you can keep your customers informed of your latest news, special offers, events etc.. This helps to ensure quality, up-to-date information to the user, and encourages recognition from the search engines. Advice on how to actively market your website is all included in your package and ongoing hosting fee.

If you want the functionality of the Premium package, but don't want to manage it yourself, you can pay a little extra each month for me to manage the content for you. We can discuss work out the level of support you need. Each client is different!

Managed Hosting for Premium Websites - FROM £22 per month/£264 per year

Optional Add-ons


One-off competitor analysis £135 - pre-website build. Get the best head start by understanding how your competitors handle their web presence. How does their Style, Content, SEO, Structure, Security, Advertising, Social Media presence contribute to 1. their user's experience and 2. their position on Google? These are just some of the areas that I will be covering before starting your website build. I am invested in your business doing well. We need to be aiming for your website to be as good as, if not better, than your three main competitors. Moving up the Google rankings takes time, continued work and patience. It is not just down to what you are doing with your website. It is down to what your competitors are doing with their site. They may have built up years of Google recognition and may also have a bigger marketing budget.

See Quick Website Estimator (above) for optional Add-ons.

Managed Hosting Service

I provide a Monthly Managed Hosting Service, which includes:

  • Google Analytics (optional).
  • support tickets with the host, on your behalf, to ensure maximum uptime on your website.
  • Daily backups of your site.
  • Updates and maintenance.
  • Security fixes and updates.
  • Priority support and maintenance for any technical issues.
  • Support by email and/or online video meetings.
  • Full restoration of your site in the event of server failure.
  • Initiating quarterly renewal of SSL certificates if auto renewals fail.
  • Pay monthly or annually.
  • No termination charges (unless you need input from me, in which case hourly rates apply).

Terms & Conditions apply.

The costings on this website are FOR GUIDANCE ONLY. Once we have discussed your brief, I would aim to give you a fixed cost for your project.

Your website is your most significant marketing channel and requires investment.

Even if people hear about you from word of mouth, or via social media, they are almost certainly going to check out your website rather than blindly contact you.

If your website doesn't make the right initial impression, they will move on to the next.

Your potential customers have choices.